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What is the purpose of the conference?

The purpose of the conference is to provide an educational space for the CLI students, alumni, faculty, and community supporters. BCWC also serves as an opportunity for current CLI students to pitch their books to publishers after the completion of thier manuscripts.


Will any part of the conference be virtual?


No. The entire conference will take place in person at USC.


Can I perform for publisher's virtually?


No. All performances for presses happen in person.


Where can I find a schedule of what will happen on each day?

The conference schedule can be found on the Schedule tab. A more detailed version of conference event will be published 30 days before the conference.


If I am a current student, do I have to pay?

No. The cost of the conference is covered with your last month's tuition. This includes entrance to the gala, dinner, beach activities, conferences, and meals, as well as the AuthorDraft.


If I am an alumni, do I have to pay?

Yes. Please register for the conference under an Alumni pass for your Alumni discount. 


Where should I park? Is it covered?


Parking directions can be found on the Registration page. Parking is not included in your pass, and is 14.00 per day. Residential parking is available, but be prepared to walk. 


What is the Authordraft?

The Authordraft is a two-part event that takes place on the last day of the conference. The first portion of the event is a tabling event where 15-20 small presses that publish poetry and children's books make themselves available to CLI students to hear book pitches. Presses also typically bring their books for purchase. In addition to publishers, there are also several self-publishing companies that attend the conference and offer their resources to students. 

The second portion of the event is an opportunity for classes/chapters to perform for publishers attending the conference. Each student will have six minutes to perform 2 poems and pitch their book


Which publishers are coming to the AuthorDraft?

A list of participating publishers can be found on the AuthorDraft Presses tab.


When does the AuthorDraft happen? What do I need to bring?

The AuthorDraft happens on Sunday, June 30th, from 9am-1pm.

Please bring excerpts from your manuscript copy to leave with the presses. Excerpts are usually 20 pages of your book. 

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